Funny pictures of celebrity with fans that fails (7 Images)

Have you ever attended a show of Comedian Russsel Brand, If you do then you can think how he interacts with audiences and his fans. He always takes picture with his fans, share moments, different ideas with everyone. Nowadays he is more connected with people with his different ideas and views. Look what happened in […]

sad girl

11 daily life tips that can save you (11 Images)

Prevention is better than cure, although it works in everywhere, but in some cases it shouldn’t be avoided, that may cause life. You can have different types of problem and can be caught by different types of disease if you don’t take any protection. You never know who is carrying what dangerous diseases that can […]

Girl nail cut

7 noticeable differences of Girls and Boys (7 Images)

Everyone’s thinking differs in same and different situation as no one’s mind are same. Nothing is wrong with this. Because you are making your mind depending on what you want and other’s are doing the same thing depending on what they want. Thinking differs by gender as well, as boys and girls think differently in […]

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Can you imagine Lion cub as a gift? (6 Images)

In Gaza Strip, where war is everyday’s business, there is not any stability still. people build their homes but don’t know when it will be demolished? But still people need to live and their hope is still alive. A Palestinian man bought two lion cubs from cash – strapped zoo by £6000 and kept them […]

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Kim Kardashian looks stunning after having baby bump (8 Images)

Every women is excited about their pregnancy, whenever they confirmed , they want to let everyone know about this. American celebrity Kim Kardashian did the same things, but as people don’t believe all of the celebrity news, they think it may be gossip. Kim is very straightforward about her second pregnancy. She felt pained for […]