Shark fish

Can you imagine what Walmart sells in China (12 Images)

Every country has got different culture and people of there have got different food habit. Like English people can’t eat spicy food too much where Asian people don’t eat too mild food. Chinese people are very unique in their food habit. Koreans and Chinese are very similar in what they eat. Walmart although an American […]

Lying in bed

Meet the guy who spent 12 years in coma (8 Images)

Here is a real story of a guy who fought for his normal life more than a decade and then became successful. A normal child named Martin Pistorius who was born in South Africa, suffered a serious illness at the age of 12. Initially his symptoms were very normal like sore throat, feeling sleepiness like […]

Royal guidelines

Do you know why Lewis Hamilton was banned to enter Wimbledon final. (5 Images)

Benedict Cumberbatch, Anna Wintour and so many Hollywood stars watched the Wimbledon final between Djokovic against Roger Federer. Few of them supported Djokovic and others supported Federer. It was a competitive match as no one was hundred percent dominant to other one. But finally Djokovic took all attention by beating Roger Federer, 17 times single […]

High jump

See what this wild cat did to escape its predator (5 Images)

About eighty percent of the wild cat species are small. If you watch discovery channel you will see different types of wild cats that are haunted by different types of predator. Their species are found in Africa, India and very few counties. In here you will find some astonishing moments of a wild cat who […]


You will be astonished to know the meaning of these logos (8 Images)

Every company has different logo, that represents the company. Everyone wants to have a meaningful logo so that customers find it very reasonable and attractive as well. There is definitely a meaning of every company’s logo. It is very hard to find the meaning of a popular company logo, what they are trying to send […]

Dying together

Wait, I am coming. Couple died together after 75 years of marriage (6 Images)

True love never finishes, it stays longer than normal. A couple from San Diego, California has proved their love is more stronger than others by holding each other’s arms forever. They started dating from when they were only eight years old, have five children together after married in 1940. They lived together more than 75 […]

Blanca fazey

Can you believe she found her husband in Gumtree. (7 Images)

The 25 year old young Australian young mum described her one of the lucky lady who didn’t leave hope to find the father of her new born son and succeeded after trying about an year. Bianca Fazey has given birth a baby boy, but she doesn’t know who is his father. But she was desperate […]

Half laptop

Can you imagine what lover did with his ex-wife (7 Images)

What are you thinking to see the picture of half car? Where is the other half parts gone? It is listed on eBay, other half parts was sent to someone loved. Do you want to buy the half parts of the car? Yo can’t do anything with these half car, actually yo may use some […]

cute lady

You will not believe what Walmart camera captured? (9 Images)

I don’t want someone to walk around the food items what I am going to buy. I know you will think some celebrity does have hair style like this and you may like them, but if it is like that long and bushy can you take it normally? It’s like a long bush in head. […]