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Find Out Why You Should Check A Selfie before Posting It. (10 Images)

The craze of taking a selfie has gone to another level. Now people don’t even know what they are posting on the internet. We actually mean everything that we say and just to prove our stand we have gathered some of the craziest epic fails that you will ever see on the web. For the […]

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Can You Keep Your Eyes Away From This Weather Girl (7 Images)

Yanet Garcia, Popularly known as the hottest weather girl in the whole world, a TV presenter in Mexico has yet again sparked a heated debate. This is after putting on a figure hugging mini skirt that left viewers wondering if she wanted an enhanced derriere.Her bosom looked extraordinarily expanded. It was when Playboy and TMZ […]

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She Walked Around The City Only Having Paint On Body (8 Images)

People make tattoo on their body with various subjects like human faces, names, words, symbols etc. This kind of tattoo may be temporary or permanent but it is hard to see somebody who painted a trouser on her body and roaming in open public places. The model in the picture looks fully dressed up from […]

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You Can’t Imagine What Google Street Camera Captured in Netherland (5 Images)

Google street view invented a great ideology of visualizing the real view of our surroundings through internet at any time. It allows us to see the view of the site even though never being there physically. Google made a camera of very high resolution which keeps moving around and save the real time images. While […]

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Can You Imagine What Google Street View Camera Captured (8 Images)

Look at the crooked leg woman standing in front of the pyramid! Has she got any physical condition which made her legs look like this or could it be the angle the picture was taken from? But at first it looks strange to see someone like this. It makes you think how the technology is […]

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You Can’t Believe What Happened To His Hands (8 Images)

Mohammed Kaleem is an eight year old Indian boy. The boy had been suffering from localized giantism, he had a rare form of the disease that made his hands and arm grow at a disproportionate size. He has got huge hands, the world’s largest hands to be exact. He belongs to the Jharkhand state of […]